Does /e/ have an implemented way (hidden or not in the settings) to enable root privileges?

If it does not, can I flash Magisk onto it?

MagisK from XDA (pls never use a different source for magisK) is the best way if you really, really, really need root. rooting is dangerous, it makes your phone unsecure. So better think twice if you really need root.

Personally I download Magisk from here :

I guess it’s legit too.

that’s the Git from the xda developer. So it’s OK :+1:

I have written my suggestion to ensure hat no one will use

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I always use the original source from XDA. I’m not sure if I can put the link here… but okay.
Unfortunately I need it for making some tasks easier, it is not as dangerous when you know what are you doing and Magisk helps a lot because it has a lot of functions that are not only root, their modules for termux, ssh, audio effects, busybox and youtube vanced are excellent.

OK, that’s what I will never understood and using: an video player which needs root access, what stupid is that :crazy_face:

ssh works without root access. There are apps for terminal and ssh terminal available.
Audio effects I must be silent, because I’m hard hearing, wearing hearing aids so I’m not needing, using such thing.
Bussy box,OK for Titanium backup Pro.