Does /E still sell phones?

Where are the Samsung phones to buy? otherwise what is a Murena? Why should I buy one?

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There are the Galaxy S9 and S9+, which are the rebranded refurbished Samsung phones.

Their Samsungs are no longer being sold in the North American market, probably because they can’t do VoLTE*. As your profile indicates you’re in Canada, your available models are the Murena-branded Teracube 2e or the Murena One (in-house e-brand):

(*) Lack of VoLTE doesn’t appear to be an issue in some European markets.

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HI Nickolai and thank you for helping to answer my query are we saying this divided down chip lines and of course Americas FUBAR’ed infrastructure. I don’t know any thing about Murena, is another arm of Samsung? to be called Galaxy S 9+

Well what a pain in the arse is /e sending us to other sites to buy phones this is a convoluted mess. You used to go to buy phones. Can /e please just place a link to all the official phone under say ‘Shop’ link on the main page.? All I want to do is find a phone in stock! moto g7 anyone? maybe a Xperia XZ1 Compact?

Murena is the new name of “another arm of /e/”, as ever, they only sells a few models, new or refirbushed phone, and cloud storage and services. They have never sold motorola nor sony.

/e/OS is the software embeded in murena’s hardware.

You can buy any supported phone you want on ebay or in a cashconverter shop of you town AND install /e/OS on it !