Does E support payment feature?

Hello and please excuse my basic question. Does e os support payments via apps? I mean, if I buy e smartphone will I be able to pruchase tickes, buy subscriptions, etc?

“Payments via apps” - depends on if the Apps hooks into Google Pay features or if the App implements their own payment APIs. For latter like banking/transportation/p2p-payment Apps those potentially work - [LIST] Banking Apps that work on /e/OS … enter Apps you wonder about into the search field of the forum.

There’s no “e wallet app” that knows your credit card number and manages payments/subscriptions in a central place and could do nfc at pointofsale - see this response for microg, the surrogate package for lots of Play services: Google Pay/Wallet TapAndPay API calls prevent parts of banking apps (e.g. Vivid Money) from loading, issues related to isReadyToPay() already resolved · Issue #1245 · microg/GmsCore · GitHub

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