Does /e/ work in the US?

Hi Everyone,

I hope I’m putting the question in the right community. Does the /e/OS work in the US with its phone system? In other words, I’m with Ting, a sub-carrier for Sprint/Verizon/ATT, will the /e/OS work here? Does anyone have experience using /e/ in the US?

I can’t wait to give /e/ a chance for my next phone.

The other question is are the Fairephones compatible in the US?

Thanks all!

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Hey @NicolasZart, I’m currently living in the US and running /e/ on my daily driver, OP6T a6013, fajita. /e/ works perfectly for me without any bugs!


Thank you so much. I have an old Samsung S7 I’ve wanted to switch over. I need to carve out some time to install it on. I’m not proficient at this. I run Linux at home but I’m mostly a GUI guy.


Good information here, thank you Donut3. I would like to think I would be able to manage installing on my phone, but to be honest my level of technical ability would likely brick it. I am patiently waiting for the phones to be available shipping to the US. Dumping google would be amazing, and I wish I would have been able to keep my daughter off of their evil platform!


Compatibility will depend on which Fairphone you consider using and how much your carrier’s network resembles networks in Europe, the target market for Fairphones as of now.
Be aware that Fairphone themselves do not deliver to the US and offer no support there. I don’t know how /e/ handles that with the preinstalled Fairphone 3 they sell.

Here are two topics over at the Fairphone forum …


@NicolasZart, Take Care about the exact model number of your Galaxy s7

Models Supported :

  • SM-G930F
  • SM-G930FD
  • SM-G930S
  • SM-G930K
  • SM-G930L
  • SM-G930W8

Other models are not supported


I do a lot of modified cell phones in the US and I am really happy with the /e/ product. I need to use some Google resources and think it works great. One of my customers asked for /e/ and I liked it so much I use it on my primary phone, the Moto G7.

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When i want to order things from the USA from stores that only ship to the USA, I use a service that forwards the package for me. There are many around. Perhaps it’s worth looking into for /e/ if it is also possible the other way around? I’m sure it is. Don’t know what the price would be

To check carrier compatibility, you can also use


I find kimovil more reliable than willmyphonework recently.

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Thanks AnotherElk, that helps a lot. I might just stick with this one of a refurbished something.

Good to know Piero, I’ll check my ID

I have been using /e/ since the very early days on my one plus 3t and now my one plus 6t. My 6t was originally a t-mobile contract phone that I purchased second hand and switched to att. Works flawlessly


@colonel-klink same for me

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I had been in contact with the e/ crew pretty consistently throughout 2019 regarding compatibility in the US. My current phone is not on the list so to speak and frankly I don’t have the technical ability to not chance bricking it.

That said, the battery is failing and I need a new phone in coming months. So my plan is to either 1: Purchase a new e/ phone via a friend in Protugal and have it shipped to US 2: Find a second hand refurbished phone that is compatible and try the install.

To the best of my knowledge, there are no “service centers” in the US currently which can either flash a customer phone in person or via shipping. When this is available for compatible phones, e/ will grow exponentially.

Thanks everyone for the feedback!

People use nowadays “brick” too easily, for anything including very simple software issues that would require just a restart or reinstall to fix completely the problem (it’s kind of like “literally” which is even now sanctioned by dictionaries to mean anything between nothing to the opposite of “literally”). It’s next to impossible to mess up most phones so they can’t be easily recovered by somebody (who can read English and follow simple instructions) with a normal USB cable and a computer. Impossible if one would just follow the instructions from (flash recovery, flash /e/). You can waste some time by not having drivers or not doing exactly all the steps or use the wrong files (for another model), you can even have a phone that doesn’t boot completely or at all at first sight but there would be nothing that can’t be fixed by picking up from the right place and actually following the instructions.

And there are plenty of phones that run /e/ and work in the US too, many really cheap “smaller brands”, quite a few Pixels and Nexus too (they might be “Google phones” but are actually some of the best for alternative ROMs too), I see quite a few (all?) OnePlus listed and I presume they range as price from “next to nothing” to “high premium”.

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Thank you for your interesting response.

A friend of mine, who now have a /e/ Xiaomi MiMix2 on my advice, could use it perfectly while in vacation is U.S…
Don’t remember which network provider.

Hi, Brand new here. Love the idea of giving the finger to Google. Do you sell the phones you modify?

@Darren806, I will contact you directly via message.

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