Does Magic Earth (Maps) have to be pre-installed? (Poll)

Hi everybody, and happy new year :wink:

I am questionning myself about the necessity of having a default navigation app (in our case, Magic Earth).

  1. For me, a default app should be a really basic app, which doesn’t need to be frequently updated (like Contacts, Calculator, Dialer, Gallery, etc).

  2. Since Magic Earth is a navigation app, there are frequently new updates with new features and new fixes. The fact it’s a default app delays those updates (1 month for dev release of /e/, probably 2 for stable release).

  3. It’s the only app in /e/ that is not open source. So it’s the only thing that prevent us to say : /e/ is fully open source.

  4. In a stock rom there is high chance to have Google Maps and Youtube for instance installed by default. So why is there only an alternative to Google Maps installed and not for Youtube. If Magic Earth is installed by default, why NewPipe isn’t ? (Yes NewPipe connects to Google since it’s just a YouTube client but you know what I mean)

  5. Looks like the fact it’s an app that needs updates causes trouble (here and here).

  6. Signal (and Telegram) was a pre-installed app and has been removed. I think Signal has more reason to be a pre-installed app than Magic Earth, so why Magic Earth hasn’t been removed at the same time ?

I think it shouldn’t be pre-installed, but of course it should be highlighted since it’s a good app.
In the future, /e/ plans to let users choose between different installation profils, which will influence which apps will be pre-installed. Magic Earth should be available here, in the “install all alternative” profil or whetever it will be or looks like. But not as a default app, it would just install the apk (to prevent point 2. for instance).

The fact default app will be removeable in the future will kind of resolve the issue. But I still want to share my thought.


I’m interested in the result. This poll is anonymous.
I just ask if you use it or not, NOT if you want to keep it as a default app.

Do you use Magic Earth (Maps) ?

  • Yes, I use Magic Earth (Maps)
  • No, I don’t use Magic Earth (Maps)

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I think MagicEarth could be removed.

But as we know, we will get a clean eOS version in future. So I can wait for it

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eOS aims to be an easy solution for everyone. Since GPS navigation is a must-have thing today, and only MagicEarth providing it on decent level with privacy in mind, I don’t think that it would be productive to leave the end user with a choice here, because there is actually NO choice (any other navigation app that he/she can install will be worse). So, let MagicEarth stay until something better appears. (Although, it would be nice to make it removable.)


I agree with @e.follower leave it bundled with the rom for the less tech minded, but allow it to be user removable if the end user chooses to uninstall it.


Interesting point! Thanks @Anonyme for raising the discussion.

I like Magic Earth. The fact that I can opt between online and downloadable maps, the fact that it is a map service based on Open Source resources that may serve as navigation app too. I like that the navigation service includes navigation for various means of transport. I like the attitude of the developers and they are attentive and open for suggestions.
But, to be honest, I do not use Magic Earth. I do not like the user interface at all. I wasn’t happy with navigation results when I used it. And somehow I feel I am better off with 3 other apps for different purposes (bike, car, walking). Unfortunately, only one of them is Open Source.

But I think as well it would be good to include a map (not necessarily a navigation service) in /e/'s standard configuration. To me a mobile phone is the modern version of a Swiss knife. So a maps service is indispensable. For that purpose I’d see Maps as a good candidate (probable it would need some minor modifications). But this is rather a different discussion.

To conclude: I agree, I’d rather prefer /e/ without Magic Earth.

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Wasn’t it removed already?
I reinstalled it, because it is a good app. But you are right, it shouldn’t be default.

Maybe it’s not the topic but since a I am updated my cellphone to the latest OTA, Magic Earth has been uninstalled…

I am currently using this application since two years. For me there is a nice user experience perspective (compared to osmand for example). But this application is still proprietary. So it could be a good time for thiking about replacing (or not) this default app by one other more compliant! :slight_smile:

I think I will continue to use Magic Earth anyway.