Does OTA work with TWRP instead of e/OS recovery

Hi there! I would like to know (ask in advance before screwing up a complete setup) if I can use the OTA-updates via both TWRP (for my device) as for e/OS recovery (actually version 1.5).

What my questions really concerns is:

  • in “stock” e/OS I cannot make a Nandroid - which I really want/need because of sometimes tweaking
  • using TWRP I could do this, but I do not know if OTAs keep working the smooth way they work right now

For those who want to know: I use an OnePlus 7pro (now) but am switching to OnePlus 9. So far I used “Stock” but the fact not having a Nandroid concerns me a lot since the device is my daily driver, also for work.

OTA works with TWRP on 2 of my devices, both running /e/ “dev”. Don’t know about “stable” builds.

Yes OTA works with TWRP but sometimes you have to navigate to the downloaded zip file with the phone buttons located in: lineageos_updates.

See this link case B;

twrp will not work on oneplus 9 with android 12 (stock or custom roms).
If you are going to install eOS on op9 I would recommend you compare Lineage install instructions to /e/'s.
I can confirm LOS instructions are ok. I’m not prepared to try /e/'s version so don’t know why it’s different or if it works ok.

Thank you for your reply. I decided to go along with an OP9 anyway.

I GUESS I can install TWRP, take a Nandroid, flash back e/OS stock recovery to take OTAs and can re-flash TWRP once I need to put back a Nandroid? Would that work?

I don’t know. I’m not a twrp power user.

Maybe I’m wrong. My problems with twrp not working were back in June. It’s been updated just recently to 3.7.0; supposedly with support for android 12. Check out the article on XDA. It suggests " The existing android-11 branch has also received a bunch of features backported from its successor for compatibility reasons"

Out of curiosity I tried fastboot boot twrp and it went straight into qualcomm crashdump mode! So I don’t know. Might just be my device.

Further reading (but note that this is for the oneplus 9 pro) in this xda thread. Take it from page 27.

/e/'s install guide is wrong and device is unbootable at the moment. I will be making suggestions (again!) for documentation changes a bit later when I get the device back in order.

Hi @chrisrg which device install guide are you referring to?

I refer to the guide for the oneplus 9 (lemonade). I have recently posted comments in the document suggestions thread.

But does ‘regular’ E work with its own recovery? Just received my device to day, don’t want to screw it up…

The /e/ Recovery is “simplified”. It is built to allow the installation of /e/OS and OTA updates. It is expected also to handle manual updates but it has no ability to backup.

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recovery-e only can manage .ZIP files
When TWRP can manage .ZIP and .IMG files

So note that you can install the recovery-e using TWRP
But you need a PC to install (or reinstall) TWRP

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