Does peertube live may work with /e/

it’s new for peertube 3 you can stream in live.
So someone make app for doing that with our phone. Only android. So i try with my OnePlus5T and the app crash @account creation.
Does someone can use it ? “peertube live” is in f-droid repos and you need an account on one peertube. i can give you one if you need. there is many public instance.
the app code is there


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could not find peertube in f-droid, does it require adding a repo to f-droid?

may be update it


Funny on the f-droid app and on their website searching for “peertube” returns no results, but searching for “peer” does.

I have installed it. Do you have an account I can test on?

The application is working for me. Fairphone 3+, /e/ v0.19

ah yes i am on 0.16
i will retry after update to 0.19
After update remove the app and install again it is ok !
the app can stream to peertube account !