Does Pixel 7 with /e/ OS support 5G?

I cracked the screen on my OnePlus 7T and need to replace it. I read in several places that the Pixel phones are the most compatible now when wanting to install other Android Operating Systems. So I ordered the Pixel 7 as it is listed as compatible with /e/ OS. However, under the specs list it says for 5G NR. What does NR mean? Not Recommended? Does /e/ OS support 5G on Pixel 7? If not, I need to get a different phone.

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NR = New Radio = 5G. Sure, it’s supported.

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Thank you for the reply. Also, I was reading the instructions to install /e/ OS on the Pixel 7 and under the section for “Downloads for Panther” it says "Try the /e/OS Recovery (limited functionality). Why does it say "Try the /e/ OS Recovery? Why try? Also, why does it say that it has limited functionality? I noticed it says this for other Pixel phones but not for most others.

“try” - I think as in “use this”. “limited functionality” - I guess compared to the other recovery “twrp”.

If you find issues with the guide, the documentation feedback thread is at Google - Pixel 7 - panther - Documentation Suggestions

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Thank you for the clarification and the suggestion to provide documentation feedback.