Does Proton mail need Google Service (or microG)?


I’m using Tutanota because… because it’s great.
But, I recognize that Tutanota is a kind of… geek and my parents didn’t success to use it…
When I show them ProtonMail, they immediatly succeed using it… ProtonMail is my much more user friendly.

But I’m worried about the Android application.

Does it need Google Services or microg in order to work ?
For example, Tutanota uses directly “Server Sent Events” so they are autonomous…

Anyone can enlight me ?


I think it will run ok but it needs microg to show notifications.

Protonmail works fine with and without MicroG, but always without push messages

Push notifications work for me with MicroG but your situation could be different.

Yes, because my MicroG has no access to the web, because it’S contacting goolag servers :((

Yes @NoName161 it’s a pity it needs that. Sort of defeats the purpose of its privacy credentials.
I use Criptext for my emails which is opensource but still falls down the rabbit hole of needing G/Play for notifications.

Ok thank you guys,
The fact that microG contacts Google, it’s another issue…

For me, on my /e/ phone, ProtonMail works great with notification but on my old tablet without any microg or other, the app does not even start (may be another issue).

Ok so may be, I’ll give a chance to ProtonMail.

Thanks anyway :wink: