Donation from € 32 /e/ Contributor or higher via PayPal

Is it meanwhile possible to immediately enter the delivery address for /e/ stickers / e / t-shirt, etc. in PayPal as a message when paying a donation of € 32.00 Euro or more via PayPal?

This would make it possible to make a donation on behalf of a third party via PayPal.

I seem to remember that last year it was not possible to specify a delivery address and I received a separate e-mail with the request to specify my delivery address.

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In the final Paypal screen (where you can choose funds source, after login), I was able to :

  • leave a message to e Foundation (for address by example :wink: )
  • disable the communication of my Paypal-registred postal address

That’s what I wanted to hear. Thank you, @smu44.

Maybe I just missed it the last time I made a donation. :eyeglasses:

You’re welcome :slight_smile:

BTW I use an automatic cleanup of cookies in my browser, so Paypal is not able to record some “quick pay” settings.
So I can’t check it, but if you enabled such Paypal feature maybe you won’t be offered the choice ?
If it happens I recommend to delete PayPal cookies (and browser cache) before hitting the GO button.

Thanks for the advice. My browser cache & cookies are emptied several times a day.

On the other hand: I am a PayPal customer for more than 10 years. They know everything about me. At least from the former times when I was not as aware of tracking and privacy issues as today…

But I can also say about PayPal: I haven’t had a single problem with this payment service in all these years.

Paypal member since the beginning (2002), I agree with you :slight_smile:
This service is unavoidable nowadays, but prudence recommends to know the flaws and the financial arrangements …

Hi, I did a 32 Euro donation, but I did not write any reference to my account. What can I do to ‘recognized’?

In this case I would send the PayPal transaction # (or forward the PayPal confirmation email if any) to and

thank you! I’m gonna do like that.

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