Don't disturb mode and shutdown


Not really an issue, but a strange behaviour.

e-0.9-n-unofficial (20200602) / Moto E 2015 Surnia

Sometimes I use ‘don’t disturb’ mode, choice ‘Alarm only’ (in status bar (-)). I noticed that, after a shutdown for a few hours (to sleep…), when turning on the device, ‘Don’t disturb’ had change to ‘Priority only’ (+)

Doesn’t change with a ‘Reboot’, nor with a ‘Start’ after just a few minutes ‘Off.’…

Battery 50% to 25%, no low-power problem, no ‘Save battery mode’…

P.S.: SD card in ‘extend memory’ mode, didn’t noticed with e.0.7 and SD in ‘External storage’…

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Do you have any schedules that may enable another mode of DND in system settings/sound/“do not disturb” settings/automatic rules? (Names in menus are approximative.)


Nop, nothing. Clean install a few weeks ago (see my post ‘Surnia’, in french) and light config’ (pas l’ temps de “jouer”, la météo me tient 7/7 sur le chantier de la maison)

I’ve opened a bug report about this. I get it too.