Don't find the easy installer or snap on linux Mint

Hello everyone,

I would like to install /e/ on my FP4 I just got. But I’m running Linux Mint and I didn’t success to find the easy installer neither to install snap (see image)

Concerning snap, in the tutoriel sometimes it is written “snap” and sometimes “snapd” is it normal ?

For the easy installer does it support the FP4 and do I have to install any depot ?

Thanks for helping !

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Here is how to install snap on Linux Mint:

“snap” is the command line tool you use to manage/run snap packages.
“snapd” is the “snap daemon”, i.e. the background process that needs to be running for “snap” to work.


Thanks for your quick response, it worked. Then what do I do I don’t find any clear tuto and nothing happend when I connect my FP4 to the PC ?

Ha I understood I think. I can install the easy installer now with snap is that so ?

Seems that way …

I have a problem. When I want to enable the OEM unlock on the FP4 the code is not working. I don’t know why, I did every step.

Ha ok it ws because the phone put itself on flight mode and it needs an internet connection to fullfill it !

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Done and everything went good ! :grinning: