Double SIM don't work

I really like the principle of /e/, everything suits me on my Pocophone F1.

I have two problems, the first is very important to me, the dual sim function does not work! It’s a real problem.
The second is Vinted which doesn’t work either, but I can do without it.

Is there any solution for that?

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Good morning,
I have a similar problem on a GS290, only one card works in call on slot 2. The first slot does not work. However the phone recognizes both cards because there are both IMEI code numbers. The card that does not work in the GS290, works perfectly on another phone. If someone has an idea of repair…
Best regards

Hi @Audace, welcome.

One SIM card at a time.

Card #1 works absolutely fine on its own on slot1?

Card #2 on its own in slot 1 works or not? Emergency calls only?

If you have emergency calla only, phone the carrier.

If they can get their SIM running, cool!

If the two SIMs need different settings, that will be more difficult.

Bon chance

Thanks for answer @aibd

  • One of the cards works in both slots. Either alone or in pairs.

  • The other card never works in any slot, either alone or with two sim. Its IMEI code is however visible. when the card is alone, at startup, i can call emergency numbers. the phone doesn’t ask me the pin code of this card. Then, if I try to call a normal number, then the phone application tells me that there is no network. It’s a foreign card, however there is the necessary roming. This card works very well in another android google phone, alone or with two.

… I borrowed another card from another operator. This time the phone e/os works with two cards. It’s very strange to have a card that works in one phone and not in another. Do I have to activate this card in the country of origin of the operator the first time? Would it be possible?

I doubt it really works like that. From the carrier’s point of view they need to know you are a paying customer before allowing you on their airways. I suspect that they frequently use some Google shortcut, before sending your settings automatically to your device.

I would contact the carrier, (with the SIM powered in Emergency only mode) especially if they are across a border. Their interest will be to retain a paying customer.

I have applied for a new sim card from my phone provider Salt. I am waiting for…