Double-Tap to check phone: Fairphone 5

Hello everyone!

Is it just me missing something, or is this option missing from the initial /e/ release for Fairphone 5?
I can find the setting in two pages when searching for it in settings, but when I go to those settings pages, it is not there, in either of the pages.

You are not alone. I also miss this setting. I recently installed the stable v1.15 T FP5 on my new Fairphone 5. I can not double-tap on the screen to check my phone. The screen stays black. Only after unlocking the screen activates. And also the setting is missing.

Still the same after upgrading to /e/OS v1.16.

@Manoj , do you know if this is something that has gotten left out on purpose for some reason? if so, will it be added for Fairphone 5 soon, or should I try posting a bug report?

Let me check with the developers and get back.


Did you update to v1.16 through OTA? On my FP5 v1.16 is still not available with OTA.

Yes, it got delivered via OTA.

The developers are not able to replicate the search part. Have created an issue around this on gitlab. Feel free to update or add any details necessary to the issue.

For assistance in raising the issue or logging into Gitlab check this guide


Thanks for the reply @Manoj

Thank you @Manoj. I will look over the Gitlab entry and see what information I might be able to add, as soon as I get back home after the weekend.

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