"Double tap to wake" on Sony XA2

Hello everyone,

I have realised that I miss the “Double tap to wake” gesture (since the power button is on the side of the device, not easily reacheable when the smartphone is lying flat on a table, for instance).
I was wondering whether I could not find that option in the settings due to the fact I do not have the latest release of /e/OS, but after a short search, it seems that the XA2 does not have that feature… I was convinced it was a “software” option …
Can you please confirm wheather you have it or not on the XA2 (I will upgrade to the latest version of /e/OS if necessary :slight_smile:

But if there is no “double tap to wake” gesture, how do you overcome such issue?

Thank you in advance

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Hi @sonyxa2,

I’m running the pie test build on my XA2 and it does not have the tap to wake feature in the settings, although I seem to recall it did on one of the older releases.

Solution: Set the fingerprint and PIN. The fingerprint wakes and unlocks the device all in one go. Combined with a long press on the home button to turn the display off (more reliable than double tap status bar) I find I rarely have to use the power button.

Another solution: Purchase a genuine Sony flip cover that turns the display on and off. It works really well (how do they do that?) but you still have to enter PIN or fingerprint to unlock the device.


I don’t have a phone with Oreo yet, but on Pie you can use Volume buttons to wake up the device.
Settings > System > Buttons > Volume buttons : Wake device.

No double tap. I’m not sure if the hardware needs to be compatible or not… Maybe some screens can’t have the touch-screen on with a screen turned off.

Thank you chrisrg for the feedback.

I have a flip wallet case (which does not turn the display on and off. It is not a genuine case from Sony, therefore I did not know that the original one could do it… pretty interesting…), and set the fingerprint + PIN code. I do not find it convenient to open the wallet case and press the power button just to see if there are missed calls / notifications, especially when the smartphone is lying on a table (which is most of the time). For that reason I thought that the “double tap to wake” was the best solution, and I am sorry to see that it is not there…

Thank you anyway for your valuable information

Hi Anonyme,

Thank you for your reply, which unfortunately confirms that what I wanted does not seem possible…
My main issue is when the smartphone is lying flat on a table … and power button / volume buttons / camera button are all on the side, which is not the most convenient way, in my view.
I guess I will try to get a genuine Sony wallet case, as chrisrg suggested

Here’s another solution: drill a hole in your flipcase so that you can see the led blinking when you have notifications.

Obviously it needs to be done with accuracy and it helps to gently clamp the front cover between two pieces of wood before drilling to get a fairly neat hole. The main thing is setting out the point for drilling on the top piece of wood and there are fairly simple techniques for achieving this. More later if you’re interested?

The flipcover in the picture is Cadorabo brand from Amazon.

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I’ve just noticed that Tap to Wake is an option in the settings for the Oneplus3T but not the Xperia XA2. :thinking:
I’m running the latest Pie test build version 0.10-p on both devices.

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thank you very much @chrisrg for the tip :slight_smile:
I had not thought about that possibility …