Double Tap to Wake - Pocophone

Hello there, I don’t seem to find if anyone has encountered or raised this topic which doesn’t function when enabled under Setting—>Display.

Which version of the /e/ build are you on. I just check this on a test Pie build for MiA1 and it seems to be working.

Hello Manoj, hope you’re doing well. I am on the latest 0.7-o-2019101126867 android version 8.1.0. Also raised it at but seems to shifted some place else.

The bug is still open and as mentioned on it looks like a device specific bug…an issue seen on specific devices only.

Thanks Manoj! If you ever encounter anything like this on other test units then I would be glad to hear from you

Strange. I use the same device and the same version of /e/.Never encountered any issue with that Double Tap To Wake feature

@ralxx could you please match your version with mine ones, especially Android version.

@szmehdi, well, to me it seems to be the same version

Guys, I feel sad to say that Ive checked this problem after installing lineage OS 16 in the same device and double tap to wake function actually works. It is not a device specific bug after all.