Downgrade from android T to R possible?

I installed on a s10+ android T. I don’t like it and saw that there is also Android R existing.
I read however that the stock should never be downgraded. That’s why you should have the latest update of android before you install e.
I’m not an expert. with stock and so on i have no idea.

Here the text:
It is important that you know that downgrading Smartphones on OS versions greater than the /e/OS OS version you plan to install, can cause instability or at worst brick some devices. We recommend that you check your current OS version, before attempting the installation.

My question is therefore: can i install on a phone with /e/ android T a new version (/e/ android R)?
I thought if i wipe the phone i will delete the old?

guess first obstacle could be rollback protection, but I think the vbmeta partition can be reset . Not a Samsung user myself, somebody else knows better.

As Samsung did official releases for Android 12 for the device, you’d run A12 certified firmware blobs with A11 system. You can try ofc but userdata won’t be compatible I think.

The reason I wouldn’t downgrade even if I’d miss the better quick tiles - maintainers care mostly only about the current branch. You’ll run an old kernel - - for any issues, you will not get fixes. Now I read you’re an update-non-believer, but for the kernel I’d care

what is your Samsung firmware version ?

if it is G975FXXUEHVC6 (based on android 12) or earlier you can downgrade to the outdated G975FXXSEFUL1 (based on android 11) because the revision bit “E” but you wil loose all your things.
then you can install the outdated (based on android 11)

if it is G975FXXUFHVE1 (based on android 12) or later, you can’t downgrade Samsung firmware to G975FXXSEFUL1 (based on android 11) because the revision bit “F” or “G”

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thank you for the info. where can i find the firmware version? under build i cannot see the firmware.

Settings - About phone - Android version.

Android v13, but that’s normal, isn’t it? I installed android T version of eos, so it is Android 13, right? I search for the E or F letter indeed.

Sorry, you tap on Android version to reveal the detail you need!

Ok, i did not know there is something behind the android entry.
The only entry that looks like G975FXXUF HVE1 is the baseband version.
There is written
I see no F nor an E

But revision bit “G” of the bootloader

in your case :

G975F is for the model
X is for global area
XS is for bootloader version
G is for revision bit of the bootloader
H is for android 12 (android 11 was G)
W is for 2024
B is for Fabruary
3 is for third build attemp for this device during the month

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Wow, thank you so much for these details. That means i cannot install eos in version android R/11 but version S/12 is the lowest i can go?

So in my case only android version S/12 is the lowest possible i can go?

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Hi @Sanni
If your SM-G975F (beyond2lte) is running Samsung firmware Android version 12 (A12), /e/OS-R (A11) cannot be installed.

To be able to use /e/OS-R (A11), a Samsung firmware Android version 11 must be installed on your SM-G975F beforehand. However, this is only possible under very specific conditions, as Samsung has integrated Rollback Protection for the SM-G975F.

To check whether a firmware downgrade is still possible, it is essential to precisely determine the existing Samsung firmware. The baseband version G975FXXSGHWB3 is not sufficient for this. We need the correct identification of the Bootloader version.

Tip: Install the app DevCheck Device & System Info by @flar2 via eApp Lounge. In DevCheck under SYSTEM you will find the information on the Bootloader and Modem version.

The existing bootloader version can now be used to check whether a Samsung firmware downgrade is still possible.

See you.

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There we go…

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an originaly swiss device (“AUT” csc)

Binary: G

This is currently the last build Android 12 March 2024. There is no going back to Samsung Stock Android 11. Samsung does not allow you to flash lower SW. REV. for your phone. Do not try if you do not want your phone bricked.

I am impressed from your knowledge and like your precise infos. Thank you.
In this case i will follow your advice. Thank you for checking! I bought it used and the owner told me he set it back to factory settings and then made all the updates. If i understand you right with this update he updated also the android to 12 and made it impossible for me to downgrade. If he left it like originally that it would have been possible. Correct?

So AUT does not mean austria but switzerland? Strange.

Possible, but - since it is probably not known which Samsung stock Android version was installed before the update, this remains only a guess.

This shows once again that the latest firmware is not always the best. But Samsung has its own firmware philosophy.

Xiaomi, for example, also has rollback protection, but this can be tricked during flashing via fastboot, making it possible to downgrade to any lower firmware version. Well, it is what it is: other countries, other customs.

well, i am the last person on earth that would upgrade just for upgrading. but okay, i tried it and thank you all very much for your perfect help!!!

The story did not finish.
I saw now in reality a S10+ with android 12 and small icons. I think I even saw in a video a S10+ with android 13 and small icons.
I found out it is not the android version but the UI version.
I think UI 4.x is small and even UI 5.0 is small. But the latest UI 6 is with big icons.
So the question is, how i can influence the UI version on my e phone. Is this possible?