Download apps from Google Play

Some apps like Bank-Id for logging in to my private bank account, must those apps be downloaded from Google Play?
And if I create a password on Google Play with my degoogled Fairphone, , will the whole point with /e/OS/ be lost?

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the apps I use for my eBanking were all downloaded from Aurora Store, it’s an app that mirrors the PlayStore anonymously without the need to subscribe.
you can find it on /e/'s Apps Store

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What for ?
You don’t need gogol account.
as “AuroraStore” app is an alternative and anonymous client for the “gogol play store”
It is foundable in “F-droid” ( open source store )

Gogol play services don’t works on ours respectful devices

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Thanks for answer. Will check out AuroraStore.

Hi again. :slight_smile: How do I ask if its possible to add this app?
Its an app for login to bank account.

If you mean adding the app into the /e/Apps-Store,
There is an app requests feature in the /e/Apps-Store.

If you mean installing the app into the phone,
first install AuroraStore, then using it, install you bank app

Yes, I know.
Just cant find the “url” that they are asking for. :slight_smile:

I think I found it and recuest is sendt. :slight_smile:

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