Downloading an app on yalpstore : error message

Hi guys,

I’m trying to download an app on yalpstore but I have this error message :
“The apk is split. Choose root or privileged installation method.”

What does it mean ?

Have you enabled “Mise à jour Delta” in settings ? Try to disable it. What is the application you’re trying to download (if you want to tell) ?

I just checked and delta uptdates was already disabled !

I have already been able to download an app on yalpstore, and this one doesn’t work (it’s an app for women you have probably never heard about… ^^)

Don’t worry I thought about those apps before your answer (that’s why I said “if you want to tell”) but there is few of them so I will try all and tell you if I have the same issue.

aha ok no worries. It’s called clue !

Yes the main one, and the download of the APK is is done successfuly.

Yes, I think the error message comes when you try to install it.

Indeed that app doesn’t work when you click on “Install” in Yalp Store.
Download this app with APKpure here.

Thank you so much it works :slight_smile:

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My only problem is that I was logged with my google account where all my data is saved. I don’t know how to log now !

That’s a problem effectively, especially with those apps. Is there an other possibility of having a backup of your clue data without being logged with google ? Like download a local backup of your clue data on a phone and restore that backup in your /e/ phone ? (If clue has this feature)

Or you could have a fresh start with that app “org.iggymedia.periodtracker” (only 3 trackers against 9 with Clue, enable “Exodus Privacy” in yalp settings in order to see those infos) but depending to you, that solution might be difficult.

Thank you, it’s a good idea :slight_smile: I’m going to investigate ! It’s a pity so many trackers for such an app !

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I found better ! An open-source app on F-droid with 0 tracker :slight_smile:

Oh cool ! What is it ?

It’s called Periodical. It could be improved I guess but it’s a good start!

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I think that’s no good idea, because no one really knows how have uploaded the apk and if there was made some changes in it. It could be, that the app in APKpure are have spyware in it.

Thank you for telling me ! Unfortunately I have already downloaded it.
If I delete it , is the problem solved or could I have a spyware on my phone ?

What is exactly APKpure ?

It’s a space where everyone can upload apps. Same like aptitude.

Yeah, you could, but you mustn’t have. Have a look on your phone if something unknow happens or if your data transmission get higher and higher. If here is nothing crazy, your are on the bright side of life.
You can check your apps with ClassyShark3xodus for unwanted tracker and with NetMonitor you can check which remote IP is used by your apps. both you can get at f-droid.

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Im getting this error on more and more updates of apps in yalp. Does any1 know how to fix this or where I can choose for a “privileged or root installation”?