Downloading /e/

So I soon will be getting a plusone t7 pro (because it works with /e/) I have never used my computer to download something on my phone. I am quite computer savvy I’m not in over my head in trying to do this myself?

First of all you should check if your “plusone t7 pro” is identical with the /e/ supported OnePlus 7 Pro - “guacamole”. The manufacturer designations aren’t always easy to distinguish, e.g. OnePlus 7T with OS Android 10.0; OxygenOS 10.x Released 2019, October.

Furthermore, I recommend to look for user experiences regarding OnePlus on /e/ OS ROM here in the forum.

Whether you’re overwhelmed with the flashing can only be decided by yourself. It’s not witchcraft, but still you have to know what you do. Any operational mistakes have consequences…

I’ve done about as much research on the e community as possible but thank you for pointing out that manufacturer designations can be different I’ll have to look into that as well