Droid-ify, Molly, Forkgram, Nekogram apps

Hi, I have lately discovered Droid-ify app store placed in F-droid. On YT many people advise it as to be more up to date and with pre-added all extra repositories when compared with F-droid.
Has anyone used it maybe and can share opinion / experience?

Regarding Signal there is “Molly” repository and I am not sure how official and secure it is in fact. Has anyone tested it out possibly? https://molly.im/

I am also looking for some leightweight app for Telegram. While focusing on Droid-ify and / or F-droid there are 3 options available:

  • Telegram FOSS
  • Forkgram (official app)
  • Nekogram (third party app)
    I am considerig use of Forkgram or Nekogram. How can I recognize which one is more secure and private?

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I use Molly as my “second Signal”. I have a dual-SIM phone (personal and work) which I used to run with a separate Work profile (under Shelter) in order to have two instances of Signal running at once. This was cumbersome and chewed data like mad (I had to have another instance of my VPN running to cater for the Work profile apps; see here).

With Molly, it is a fork of Signal, seems quite a bit more paranoid (eg it always locks the app when you navigate away from it), and can encrypt the on-phone database with a separate passphrase (from the phone’s PIN/biometric) of your choosing. There is a FOSS form also in development.

I use it for my “work number Signal”, as opposed to my “personal number Signal”. Thus, it allows two different Signal numbers to function on the one phone at the same time, without needing the “Work Profile” trick using Shelter. The user experience is entirely comparable. I got the idea to do this from Michael Bazzell’s latest Extreme Privacy e-book, Mobile Devices.


I’ve been using Telegram FOSS since I discovered /e/OS - around 3 years now. I recommend it - it “just works”


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