Dual booting /e/ and Android

Today I had no problem getting /e/ on my Moto G4 using ADB in Ubuntu Linux. For years I’ve had the bootloader unlocked and have TWRP on there already and boot a Resurrection Remix ROM. The look of /e/ is very similar to my Resurrection Remix ROM I’m thinking I’d like to dual boot /e/ and Android. Is that possible?


That might be possible with MultiROM or efidroid. Not sure about your device though.
MultiROM requires a primary rom with kernel having the kexec hardboot patch. You can install MultiRom in TWRP. There is a special multirom TWRP.

I multiboot quite a few ROMs on a few devices so it’s definitely possible. If the Moto G4 has MultiROM (check your XDA development/ROM threads) then it should be easy-peasy. Regarding the primary ROM needing a kexec hardboot patched kernel, that hasn’t been needed in awhile now. For a couple/few years MultiROM supports a no-kexec workaround(?) feature. So it works fine on my Moto G5 Plus & G5s Plus where the primary ROM kernels do not have said kexec patch. Neither device has /e/OS though.

I don’t know which Moto G4 you have. Athene? A quick search doesn’t show much except a thread mentioning an unofficial MultiROM build that may or may not be available.

An alternative, if MR doesn’t exist, is DualBoot Patcher. Development has stopped and its web page removed but downloads still available. I believe the Moto G4 is supported.
On my Axon 7 I use DBP. /e/OS multiboots with four other ROMs. DBP is a bit more involved compared to MultiROM though.

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You are lucky having a device with multirom kexec workaround support. Unfortunately there are many phones with multirom support but the rom does not offer the workaround. There is also a multirom .apk I recently noticed, which makes dual-booting android and ubuntu touch possible. I hope the multirom project will not be completely abandoned but it looks like that.

Oh no, it’s not the ROMs or devices with the no-kexec workaround, it’s MultiROM itself. A feature added a couple of years ago. As far as the MultiROM Manager app goes, I only use it for quickly booting between ROMs. I don’t think any other features actually work.

Sadly, on the three devices with MultiROM, development stopped a long time ago. Depending on device I can do KitKat thru early Oreo. Some new feature called early system mount was introduced, not compatible and would crash MultiROM. So I’m stuck on older android. By choice of course.

I was quite surprised to find some newer devices, like the Pocophone, have active MultiROM development. They get to multiboot Pie ROMs.