Dual sim and a clear indication which sim the message is being sent or received from

can the background color of the messages in a dual sim setup in the “messages” app be color coded. One color for each sim card?

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/e/'s Message app is a fork of QKSMS, with changes made by /e/ to “improve” the UI and make the theming consistent with the other /e/ apps. /e/ have limited development resources, who are mostly fully occupied dealing with existing functionality and bug fixes. They don’t really have the bandwidth to start implementing new features like this in their forked apps.

Your best chance to get this functionality would be to request it in the upstream app. If it were implemented there, /e/ would probably pick it up eventually when the update their fork.

You could raise a new feature request in the QKSMS issue tracker. But someone has already raised a similar request (https://github.com/moezbhatti/qksms/issues/1549), which the QKSMS developer has closed with the comment

Hmm, I’m not sure if I like this solution myself. Either it would be
unclear how to send a message (if the icons just look like sim cards)
or it would look like there’s a bug in the app that’s causing it to
show two send buttons. What problem would this be solving exactly?

I’m going to close this for now, but I’m open to discussing and

Thank you! I added my suggestion to : [feature suggest] Dual sim phones - show which SIM sent/received · Issue #1778 · moezbhatti/qksms · GitHub .

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  1. Can the phone app show which SIM card a call was received, called, or missed from? Color coding may help in this case to quickly notice which SIM card was used.

  1. Also can the incoming phone app show which sim a call is coming from? (ex. “Call from SIM 1” or “Call from SIM 2”.)

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Can I reach out to the “phone” app developer, like the QKSMS app developer? So that this feature could be merged into /e/OS in the future. Which developer develops the phone app, or how do I reach out to them to suggest the feature?

/e/‘s "phone’ app is called “Dialer”. The /e/ git repo is here

But it is a fork of the LineageOS Dialer app which lives on GitHub

So you could try suggesting the feature to LineageOS, but - as mentioned in other threads about possible new features - LineageOS are not very welcoming to suggestions of change

Thank you! I’ll have to figure out what the best solution from here will be (contacting the LineageOS developers about adding the feature to the Dialer app, or switching to a VOIP plan in the future).