Dual SIM in S9 G960F?


I have a Samsung Galaxy S9 G960F. It runs latest /e/OS version (v0.18, Android 10, 28/08/2021).
This phone has a single SIM card tray.
Now I want to use 2 SIM cards: the hardware part is not an issue as I found few dual SIM card trays I can buy online.

But, I’m wondering if /e/OS will be able to handle the 2 SIM cards.

Your help is much appreciated!

Thanks in advance

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As you can read in this screenshot the dual SIM model is officially supported :

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Thanks piero but my question is: will my phone work with 2 SIM cards given it’s intended to work with only one SIM?

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Not a user of the S9 but on my OnePlus6 which takes dual sim cards and is configured as dual standby which means only one sim card can take calls or sms. According to this site if yours has a dual sim tray, then you are in the same position as me.
I use my second sim for mobile data as I got it for a mobile router originally, but it is a little fiddly to set up the dual sim configuration. You have to disable mobile data on both cards at first and then re-enable it on the card you want to use. Do this with Wifi switched off of course, as you won’t see if you’ve got net access via your sim card.
BTW the site listed above also has a useful page explaining the difference between dual standby and dual active sim capability. As they say there, the difference is NOT small!

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Thanks a lot Grendel for your feedback, that’s interesting, but my case is a bit different as my phone is NOT intended to work with 2 SIM cards: it’s the single SIM card S9 phone version.
As written in the article you mentioned: “Don’t waste time or money to use two SIM cards if you got a single SIM version of Galaxy S9 or S9+.”
So, unfortunately, I guess I won’t be able to use 2 SIM cards in my S9 even if I was to buy something like this: Buy MAGICSIM Elite - Galaxy S9 - Dual SIM Adapter for your Samsung Galaxy S9
I will go on a dedicated Android forum and ask if such an item would allow me to have 2 SIM cards working on my phone, and I will update this thread if I get any relevant answer (I’ve been in touch with MagicSIM Elite but didn’t get any anwer so far).

So I had an answer from Magicsim Elite, and it looks really promising:

"Yes, our dual sim adapter is intended for phones with 1 SIMcard (but works also on smartphones with 2 SIMcards). Here is the page for or Magicsim adapter for your smartphone:
Buy MAGICSIM Elite - Galaxy S9 - Dual SIM Adapter for your Samsung Galaxy S9

The difference with dual sim phones is the following:

With our Magicsim Elite adapter you use 2 SIM cards in 1 phone without having to manually swap them over. With the Magicsim menu you can easily change from one number to your other number. This has the same effect as physically changing your SIM cards, but is so much easy.

You are able to receive/make calls, text messages and use your mobile data for 1 SIM card at the time. Use Whatsapp Business next to your regular Whatsapp account to use Whatsapp for 2 different numbers.

A call to your number that is not active goes directly to voicemail and SMS goes to the SMS box of the non-active number, so you won’t see that neither.

An option could be to forward your calls to your active number. Or search for an app that forwards your SMS. After receiving this SMS of the not-active number, you could swap the number and call the person back."

That looks awesome as their product will turn my 1 SIM card Samsung S9 into a dual SIM card Samsung S9, which is exactly what I’m looking for :))

My only concern so far is I’m wondering if their product will work with my phone given I don’t use a regular Android version but /e/OS instead.
So I’ve asked them also, and I will keep you updated.

Here is their answer:
“The Sim Toolkit app is only visible after the MagicSim adapter is installed correctly and both SIMcards are connected.”

I’ve ordered it and I am now wating to receive it.

Hi all,

So I’ve reveived the MagicSIM adapter and it works really well.
The Sim Toolkit app is pretty convenient and allows to swap SIM cards in a matter of seconds without the hassle of doing it manually :slight_smile:

Now what I’m looking for is an app that would automatically forward every SMS messages sent to SIM 1 card to SIM 2 card.

Does anybody know such an app?

Thank you in advance for the help.