Dual sim problem in dialer app

I’m trying to figure out where to report bugs.

Like yesterday I ran into a fun one;

in the dialer app on my dual-sim device I noticed that in some cases the sim-selection is not honored.

I have a addressbook entry for a service number, and I wanted to use this on both sim cards to check the status of the subscription. The first was simply the default configured card. In the dialer tap on the addressbook entry. Done.

Then I am back in the selection screen and use the hamburger menu on the left to select my other sim card. Then I tap on the addressbook entry again, and to my surprise I get details from the first sim card.

It looks like selecting from the addressbook in the dialer screen ignores the simcard selection.

Can someone report this bug to the developers? How do I report other issues?

Report an issue … https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/report-an-issuePlease be sure to read the whole piece, many users need to have email address validated manually.

Creating a new account with my normal email gives: “Email is not allowed for sign-up. Please use your regular email address. Check with your administrator.

I’m not sure what that is about, but this is not some 10 minute email or whatever. It’s the same one I’ve had for years and which I used to buy various phones from e.foundation with.

Does anyone know how to solve that?

Yes, @Tommy – this is a known problem – did you do as I suggest – there is an explanation there, spamming has been involved.