Dual whatsapp accounts in Fairphone 3 with e/OS and Dual Sim

I am looking for a way to set up dual whatsapp account in a Fairphone 3.

Any suggestion are welcome.

Have a good day

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I think your options are

  • to use Whatsapp Business for one of the accounts
  • to use a second user account on the phone and use second WA account there
  • to use apps like shelter

Thank you very much ff2U. Wonder how to get whatsaoo business downloaded. As you know we haven’t got google playstore anymore with e/OS and can’t find whatsapp business in aurora or F-droid.
Do you have an idea how to download it?

I can see it in Aurora Store: search for ‘whatsapp’ and it’s the second item in the results

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Thank you very much Pete. strange I did not see that the first time I checked.
Have a good day!

Apart from Aurora you can also find itt in AppLounge.

Thank you very much. ff2U Have a good day!

You can also search for GBWhatsApp or WhatsApp Plus or OGWhatsApp. I’m not sure weather I can post a link here (just registered) so if you need any link just PM me.

These are non-official versions of WhatsApp with tons of more options. I use the normal WhatsApp for work and meanwhile on the same dualsim phone GBWhatsApp for my private contacts.

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Hi Infinity

Thank you very much! That sounds like a great alternative. Did not know there were whatsapp clones.
I am gonna check them out. I just saw there are many version. Link might be a good idea. I’ll sent you a PM
Have a wonderful evening.

You’re welcome. Mind, IF searching, you use the OFFICIAL download from the one who makes those apps. There are many many websites offering it for download, I’d suggest androidwaves dot com. It has other forks as well. Official and non-official run perfectly well “next to each other”, you might want to use even two forks - because there are so many extra settings. Good luck!

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Thanks infinity, it works like a charm

Have a good day!