Duckduckgo browser, thoughts

Hi all, iv’e been using eOS on my fairphone 4 now for about a month and im very plessed with the way it works.
My question is . . .
Does using the duckduckgo browser add anything security wise to my browsing? If eOS is doing all of the heavy lifting, security wise is “ddg” just taking up space? Or does it add somthing?

Many thanks

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/OS the deGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

It doesn’t really do anything which can’t be achieved using other browsers. The main difference is that the cookie and fingerprint blocking are default settings which are non-default on more mainstream browsers. Other browsers actually give the user more control but, in my experience, most normie people don’t understand browser settings and might be better off with DDG.

/e/ advanced privacy blocks trackers from other apps, but doesn’t do anything for trackers from websites you visit in a browser as far as I’m aware. So, DDG browser would do something as you browse the web.

But turning on the DDG app tracking protection probably won’t do anything but waste battery trying to block things that /e/ is already blocking.

TLDR: if you actually use DDG to browse the web, then yes, it’s useful.

Politically you should definitely use Firefox, because DDG is chromium-based, and thereby contributing to gogol monopoly.

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