DuckDuckGo browser



Has anyone had experience of the DDG app? ( What browser is this based on? Presumably based on Firefox/Geko, but can’t find any documentation on it. It seems to work out of the box better than icecat. Any drawbacks privacy/security wise?


I have no experience with this app, but use the search engine DuckDuckGo, it is for sure the best search machine for technical searches. One possible issue: it is hosted on Amazon’s cloud server (see here: Cloud Firewall: Block G%§$e, Amazon, Facebbok, Microsoft, Apple & Cloudflare )
Also this browser app seems to be hosted on a non-free server.


I use DDG browser as a primary on one of my Google-free/microG-free ROMs. The browser is webview-based. I realized that on another ROM when I was messing around and had no working webview installed. It and any other app that uses webview would crash.
So yeah, it’s not based on any Mozilla/Firefox/Gecko browser. I believe /e/'s webview is Bromite’s which is preferable to Google’s or the standard Android one due to included privacy features.