Duplicated contacts after 2nd import from CSV - How to remove duplicates?


Very proud to get my new Samsung S9+ phone preinstalled /e/. Thanks to all team.

The suject is about my contacts in ecloud

I first imported my contacts via an exported CSV file for testing.
I was able to see my contacts in the e.cloud. Nice.

Now that I am ready to switch to /e/ with my new S9+, I wanted to update my contacts.
So I made a 2nd import thinking that the contacts would be updated.

Now, I have 2 times each contact (or 3300 contacts!)

How to remove duplicates?
Or delete all contacts so I can start importing again?

With kind regards

If you are logged in to your /e/ account if you have the contacts in ecloud it shows up after a couple of minutes on your phone.
You do not need to manually update contacts on your phone as well.
If you have the initial csv you can delete the 3000 contacts . Next do a fresh import on ecloud - 1500 contacts i am assuming - and it should show up after some time on your phone.
Keep the csv safe as it is the only record of all your contacts before your try out any of this.

Hi Manoj
Thanks to reply
Ok, I will do that.
I didn’t found how to select all contacts to delete them ? Is there a way ?
Best regards

I have done it from the /e/ mobile. Done now.