Dutch Corona App

Trying to install the dutch “Coronamelder” app on my e-phone, I got the message that Google Play services should be updated to let the app work.

But updating Google Play services asked for a personal Google account.

I don’t have a Google account on my e-phone.
The privacy statements for the Coronmelder app don’t mention the involvment of Google!

Can /e/ support the European Corona Apps?

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Hi Hans,
Not sure what phone you have and which version you’re using but this should work with MicroG. You need to enable the exposure Notification. See e.g. Dutch Coronamelder app needs "current" G**gle Play Services

You have to install an extra module from the /e/ App store, search for microg. I beleive its under system apps (cant check because i use my own build without /e/ apps).

what does MicroG do? It doesn’t work without my google account and Pass

Thanks andrelam, Why does microG needs a personal Google account, and what does it do with it?

Microg emulates Google services, you dont need to use your personal account! You can use it anonymously.

You need to install the Exposure Notifications app.

No account or whatever required.

I have microG version on my e-phone and it doesn’t work.
At the microG settings it says:
Add Google account

Google device reg.

Cloud Messaging
On - 5 registered apps

Google safetynet

I was able to install microG Exposure notifications
microG now has Exposure notifications enebled.
The Coronamelder app now functions.

Thanks for the support.

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