Dutch Coronamelder app needs "current" G**gle Play Services

Just tried installing the Dutch official “Coronamelder” app (https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=nl.rijksoverheid.en, from Aurora store), which comes without trackers :+1: The app promises to do a privacy-respecting Bluetooth-based analysis of nearby Coronamelder users.

Upon start, the app just shows “Your G**gle Play Services is out of date” and presents an “Update” button.

I think this is as far as it gets, for all of us avoiding G**gle? Or would there be a way to get this running as intended?

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@Manoj is the new microg with corona tracking function going to be embedded in eOS, that might solve this problem right?

This app needs a something implemented in Google Play Services that MicroG doesn’t have yet to work.

Indeed if the new Corona feature of MicroG is added to /e/, this app will work.

The spying option is on the way

No decision as yet on this.
Options are we can either remove the code all together or have a disabled by default version.
If disabled users who live in countries or localities where these services are mandatory / required to be used can enable and use it along with other apps.

I would vote to include it, if it is off by default, then why not?

How can I ensure that it is really off and no data is send ?

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Some people think that even if the option is off (and not only that but it can’t be even turned on by mistake, you need first to install some app and have that app request access to the API) it’s still “bad” to even have the option available at all: New MicroG 'feature'

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How do you ensure no data is sent if you don’t see the option at all?

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By the way, I don’t want start a new discussion about the new feature. We have a long post about it. I only want show, that is its on the way.

Lol, that is crap. If you didn’t want to start a discussion, you would have denied yourself the bad sentence.


No decision as yet on this.

It is very good that you have already changed your line a bit. :slight_smile:

Do you only have this screenshot, from wherever, or can you offer the file microG Services Core {com.google.android.gms} for download and thus for testing?

It’s only a screen shot from a user build. It’s not public yet

Why all this secretiveness? You of all people should be interested in clarifying whether it is “only a screen shot from a user build” or just a canard‎ (newspaper hoax‎)!

It is true. But the exposure notification is not useful for tracking people.

Edit: https://github.com/microg/android_packages_apps_GmsCore/issues/1115

Any idea when this is decided?

Um… Does this imply that in countrys where it is not mandatory, this function could not be enabled? Or did I misunderstand?

What does it mean “countrys where it is not mandatory” or more specifically where is it “mandatory” and what does it mean? That it’s been pushed by Apple to their devices for example? Because I can’t imagine how it would be mandatory for some software to include some non-trivial feature. LineageOS doesn’t come with microG or Gapps, will they be forced in some markets (if they want to be legal) to develop these features or bundle some kind of G* with their ROMs? What about UBPorts or even others who are struggling with basic features like calls and pictures, for sure they won’t get some BTLE API and programs going any time soon (years).

Maybe it means that in those countries, if they stop you for a police check and you don’t have the app installed, then it’s a big risk for you.

So it’s your business to get yourself a phone that “conforms” to the standard.

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