E-0.11-p-2020082569744-test-crackling on Wileyfox Swift (crackling)

I installed this ROM on my Wileyfox Swift and found no issue whatsoever so far.

crackling || e-0.11-p-2020082569744-test-crackling

I did NOT try phone calls/SMS (as I don’t have a spare SIM card), however the following in particular worked so far :

  • Wifi/Internet
  • Pairing to a Bluetooth device
  • Taking photo/movie with both the rear and front camera
  • Location
  • Magisk (root)
  • Aurora Services/Store (via Magisk)
  • F-Droid priviledged extension (via Magisk)

I’m now going to give it a try with a GSI ([GSI] Q-GSI --- new version download location. See post 73).

@Manoj : this is a feedback thread to List of UNOFFICIAL /e/ builds (Part 2) :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the feedback @breversa

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