E-0.16 on mi 5 buggy due to unwritable space

First time /e/OS user here. First experience not so good.

I installed e-0.16-q-20210414110657-dev-gemini.zip using twrp-3.5.2_9-0-gemini.img as documented here, and while the Xiaomi Mi 5 boots fine, it looks like the storage isn’t writable or something.

I mean, when I open File Manager, I see 54 GB Free, but I cannot install apps (the “Apps” app will crash) and I cannot take a screenshot to show you “due to limited storage space”.

On the other hand, it did remember my fingerprint and lock screen code.

Something is wrong. I think I followed the documentation exactly. The only problem I encountered was that e-.016 wouldn’t sideload, and TWRP told me I need to install the latest official firmware. So I downloaded and side-loaded xiaomi.eu_multi_MI5_V11.0.2.0.OAACNXM_v11-8.0.zip, and then went back following the documentation where it tells you to format and wipe.

Not easy to guess what happened :frowning:

Could you please issue a mount command in ADB root shell, and post back here as text ?

Hi @smu44 thank you for taking the time to respond.

I did another TWRP attempt and it works now. So I don’t know what happened and if it’s my fault, something with the documentation, or something with the latest TWRP, but here is the full story in case it helps anybody else:

  1. Followed the documentation exactly using TWRP. Problem as described above.
  2. Started the e-0.16 recovery found in the downloads section.
    • In /e/recovery format data/cache/system
    • Attempt sideload, fails
  3. Boot back to TWRP and sideload there
    • Succes
    • Storage is writable now after booting

Apologies. It was confusing to me too.

It ended up working, that’s the main thing :slight_smile:

Maybe something’s wrong with /e/ Recovery …