e/0S/ and Fairphone 5

Hi there, does someone know when e/OS/ installer will be available for the Fairphone 5?

I know one can buy it from Murena with e/OS/ already installed, but I bought mine earlier, and am still waiting to change from Android 13 to e/OS/.


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That will take some time. I would suggest to do it manually if you want a quick solution. It would also need a bit of understanding of drivers, unlocking bootloader, etc. Preparing in terms of reading thru everthing, will surely let you decide if it is do-able

I’m actually not afraid of doing it myself. The manual says in one of the first steps you should look for the supported devices and there the fairphone 5 is not listed. So I’m wondering if that is a problem?

Let’s hope the time frame with end of the year is still accurate

Easy installer is not available yet, but the install script works like a charm.
Just unlocking the bootloader and then one call of the script and it was done.

Nice work!


Same here. Pretty painless.


Any news about the easy installer for the fairphone 5?

It was reported available