e/0S/ and Fairphone 5

Hi there, does someone know when e/OS/ installer will be available for the Fairphone 5?

I know one can buy it from Murena with e/OS/ already installed, but I bought mine earlier, and am still waiting to change from Android 13 to e/OS/.


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That will take some time. I would suggest to do it manually if you want a quick solution. It would also need a bit of understanding of drivers, unlocking bootloader, etc. Preparing in terms of reading thru everthing, will surely let you decide if it is do-able

I’m actually not afraid of doing it myself. The manual says in one of the first steps you should look for the supported devices and there the fairphone 5 is not listed. So I’m wondering if that is a problem?

Let’s hope the time frame with end of the year is still accurate

Easy installer is not available yet, but the install script works like a charm.
Just unlocking the bootloader and then one call of the script and it was done.

Nice work!


Same here. Pretty painless.


Any news about the easy installer for the fairphone 5?

It was reported available


Hi I’ve been using the easy installer on my FP5 and it’s not working properly currently. It seems the option as been removed from the website but the easy installer still regognize the FP5 and does the installation but it will brick your phone. They are currently investigating the issue but I have no idea whan it will be fixed.
I suggest to wait for and update or to go through the manual way.

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Thank you very much for the heads up.
I hope, your FP5 will be working again soon.


Looking forward to the update on the easy installer for my Fairphone 5!

Can’t wait to use /e/ again!

From what I understood it is caused by the anti-rollback feature. As soon as you don’t lock the bootloader the installation before making sure the security patch version of /e/OS is equivalent or newer than the ones that came with FPOS when you flashed, you should be OK. Usually you have to wait about a month.

Honestly this feature feels like a pseudo-security feature made to be weaponized against alternative ROMs, as they are often a little bit behind the official ROMs as they get the security patch on public release instead of ahead of time. Fairphone should consider disabling it, or at least patch it to allow for 1-2 month of difference.

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Yes the antiroll back is a know issues but from what I experienced it went wrong during a partition flash. But anyway the easy installer is doing all the work for you and you cannot chose either to relock the bootloader or not.
Currently it seems the easy installer is still unavailable for the FP5 but with e/os t-21 it is probably still possible to flash a FP5 manually. I flashed mine 1 or 2 weeks ago and I did manage to relock the bootloader without any problem. It actually went smoother than expected.
If the security patch of FPOS is still from febuary then the t-21 is still flashable and the tutoriel is done pretty well. Just don’t forget to check that the get_lock_ability is at 1 before relocking the bootloader, several topics explain more or less the step to follow. If necessary I can explain what I did on my side to manage it :slight_smile:

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I had the same problem and couldn’t lock the bootloader. Today I tried again to lock the bootloader with the current version v 1.21. Successful!

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