/e/ account: paid subscription?

Hi, I don’t know if this is the exact section to ask this, but anyway: I recently managed to install /e/ on a device (not my daily device) and try it for a couple of days, and I must say I’m enjoying the experience and I want to try it as my daily device. I have a free account of 5gb, but in order to properly take the decision to migrate from G#$%*e to /e/ I would need 20gb (mainly for mail and files). My question is: the only way of getting that is by becoming an Early Adopter or are you planning to offer some kind of yearly subscription in order to have more space in the cloud services? I would be happy to pay a yearly fee in order to support your work and have a privacy-friendly cloud and OS. Maybe you are planning to announce something related to this when you release V1, but anyway I wanted to ask in case you already made a decision., just in case. Thanks!


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Here your answer :

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Thanks!That’s great!:clap::clap:

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[~Unlimited] space on cloud is one of the key-feature by which G and sisters keep us chained or pinned (as you like) to their tables; we pay with our privacy for it. Therefore @graz I will agree to pay money for more space on cloud “mounted” on my /e/ account.
Beeing real: with some friends we manage our own payed shared-server EU based. There we have space to use, for example under nextcloud; more space may be attached. How may I do share part of such space under my /e/ account in a transparent way (I mean: acting on web /e/ part)?

Hello everyone,

One question about the account (I do not know if that has already been addressed elsewhere, I could not find the answer…): I understand that anyone can request a test account which gives 5 Gb of online storage space without time limitation, but if you choose to become an Early Adopter, you will get 20 Gb for 1 year (" 20GB drive and your @e.email account for one year ").

Is the above correct?

Thank you in advance

Hi @sonyxa2 that is correct. You can request a free account which has no time limitation here. To increase the size limitations there are some paid options available here.

Thank you a lot for your confirmation.

Hi Manoj,

I still have some questions / doubts …

/e/ Backer:

  • “early access @e.email email account”: will it be a permanent mail address = without time limit? Can the user choose the mail address or will it be “user@e.email”?

/e/ Transformer:

  • “early 80GB secure cloud drive”: will it be a permanent storage space = without time limit?

/e/ Hero:

  • is the smartphone quickly available?
  • “Xiaomi Mi 5S or equivalent”: what could be the “equivalent”?

Thank you in advance

Yes e.email is permanent and not time bound. You are right the wording on the donate page is a bit confusing.
The paid additional storage is for one year only. The email ID is permanent.
Have passed on the feedback to correct the website text and make it less-confusing :slight_smile:

Yes the user gets to choose the email ID. The only issue you can face is if the email ID you want is already chosen then you will have to try out different options. Same as with the other email providers.

Smartphone availability depends on stocks with us. You can check on the site for the same.
The equivalent phone would be one with similar hardware specs but may be a different vendor like Samsung.

Thank you for your reply