/e/ and banking apps etc

I have been playing with custom ROMs for quite some years. Primarily I do no want to be spied upon and I don’t want to be the product.
Is there any solution in sight where we can use banking apps og apps that scans for root, safety.net etc.?
I flashed /e/ on a Pixel 1, and the authenticator app that I have to use (I live in Denmark), claims the phone is rooted (which it isn’t). I contacted the company that makes it, and their “support” is either completely oblivious or doesn’t want a dialogue on why their app doesn’t work on a custom Android phone. I could use a hardware token, but that is not very convenient.

So, my question is this: What are the predictions in terms of perhaps spoofing device identity?

Thank you in advance.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I ordered the token. In part to inflict expenses on the institution opting for mitID…

if you’re on a “dev” branch build, you can potentially get a root shell via adb options, this is what the sdks looking for signs of elevated access trip on.

iirc - for stable builds I think this option got removed so safetynet can pass.

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Thank you, and I apologise for the very late reply.
I think I need to end up with the token. Using “stock” Android is not good for my mental health.

P.S. already have a token. I just find it cumbersome, and need to find a carrying thing so as to not ruin/destroy it.

Thank you. I think Pixel 1 is on dev.

Just checked, yes:
Build versions
R (dev)

I wonder if the Mobil-ID app is a general (t)otp App that can be replaced by other auth apps (that do not care for safetynet).

you want to follow this ticket:

(peripherally related are Document the Safetynet support (#5542) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab and Integrate latest microG release (#4725) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab)

The banking apps all require SafetyNet as well. I contacted one of the banks and got told to just deal with it…

I am thinking about using two phones. One with stock android especially for the banking app. And second as a primary phone with /e/ or Lineage OS on board. I am still thinking which os to choose and what to do about the banking app …

I have to use “magisk” + “shamiko” + “safetynet-fix” modules, but now, banking apps works !

Or use webapps. Works like a charm.

do you mean just logging in via the browser? :thinking:

Yes. You can then “install” the URL to the phone so it appears as an app:

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this sounds nice :smile: however for blik usage banking app is still required?