/e/ and Drivers

I have a Xiaomi phone here where I am evaluating the possibility of flashing /e/ onto, as well as two USB-C adapters that do not work with the stock ROM (one USB-C to HDMI adapter and one USB-C to Gigabit Ethernet adapter).

Does /e/ include different drivers than the stock ROM? Or is USB hardware support always exactly the same? Is it possible to just install drivers like one would on a Desktop operating system? In other words, is there a chance that these adapters would work under /e/ even though they don’t under stock MIUI?

Also, I know the phone does not support MHL with the stock ROM, which seems to be required for HDMI adapters. Is this a physical hardware limitation or could this theoretically be added in via software?

You need to check if they work with lineage os or if there is a kernel that supports them .best place to check them is XDA at your phones thread

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Thank very much you for your reply!

So if I understand that correctly, drivers are compiled directly into the Android kernel and thus cannot be (un-)installed like one could on a desktop OS? And which ones are included with the official /e/ ROM is determined by the Lineage OS version that that /e/ build is based on?

Or, we might say, Xiaomi manufacture or buy in the various bits of hardware and make them work in the hardware layer.

They offer that to the Android layer and it works.

Nobody cares to offer the intermediates to the user. There is no “distributable” driver. It is not in that way like your “desktop”.

And this all sits below the Android layer. /e/ is not in a position to be involved.

Yep, you will have to build your own kernel if you want some futures . you need the kernel tree of your phone plus implementing the “drivers” .as for the mhl as far as to my knowledge only Xiaomi Mi 2 has mhl. best search and ask on your phones thread at XDA ,maybe there is a custom kernel for your phone.

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I see, that makes sense. Thank you very much for your replies!

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