/e/ and Fairphone : Crash total

Hello everyone,

I bought a Fairphone 3 and I choose to install /e/ on it. I did it few months ago and everything has worked fine since that day.
Unfortunately, towo days ago, my Fairphone simply stopped from turning on. At first, it booted on the Recovery Mode. I haven’t acces to my computer so I just turned it off. But now, it only boot on FastBoot Mode. On the FastBoot mode the key volumes and the power button don’t work (only to restart the phone). When I am plugging it on my computer, I can detect it with the fastmode toolbox (fastboot devices) but not with the adb toolbox.
I am quite lost. What’s should I do ? Try to repair the adb on Android or can I re-install /e/ directly without adb (it seems impossible for me).
Thank you
Rob (quite lost)

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That really sounds like a hardware problem, rather than software. I would start by contacting the manufacturer, Fairphone support

Thank you. I will check that.

The Fairphone forum is very helpful as well.

I’ve contacted the service of Fairphone. Actually, I’ve some trouble to navigate inside the forum, I think I do not have enough knowledge to tip the good key words. Thank you, I will see if I can find anything.

ADB doesn’t work in Fastboot Mode, this is intended behaviour.
ADB only works when Android or an ADB-capable recovery program is running.

/e/ is installed using fastboot on the Fairphone 3 anyway, so you could try that.
(The install instructions only use ADB to reboot the phone into Fastboot Mode aka bootloader. But Fastboot Mode still seems to work for you.)

They will probably start with quoting that Fairphone OS needs to be installed before they would start troubleshooting. Ok, I can do that much, too :slight_smile:

“Please, note that Fairphone does not offer support for any other operating system than Fairphone OS. […] In case you need our support you will have to reinstall the default Fairphone OS on your device.”

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So, it means Android is not working… Okay, gonna be hard to do something.

I think I will try that. I don’t have many choices. I know that they will ask me to have the Fairphone OS to do anything but I am not even sure to be able to install it.

Thank you for your answers. I will see if anything work.

I don’t quite follow.
You boot the phone into either Fastboot Mode, Recovery Mode, or the OS. They don’t work in parallel.
That ADB doesn’t work in Fastboot Mode says nothing about the state of the OS on the phone. Fastboot Mode is just designed to work with the fastboot command, not with ADB.

I can’t choose to boot on either mode. If I try to boot in Recovery, it doesn’t turn on. The same for the OS. It boots only if I boot it in Fastboot Mode.

It just a supposition. I don’t know actually.