/e/ and K-9 mail apps crash trying to save attachments / GS290

I understand that the native email application on GS290 /e/OS degoogled phone is based on K-9 Mail.
I’ve also installed an original K-9 Mail application from the App Lounge to compare.

Both mail apps have the same issue: while attachments can be opened in-app for viewing, both mail apps crash when trying to save an attachment from an email message and leave an empty file in the chosen folder.
More precisely: when trying to save attachment the mail app opens Files app, lets user to choose the folder where to save file and crashes just after the button “save” is hit.

Issue persists ever from the phone purchase 2 years ago.
Current versions: Android 11 / eOS 1.10-20230412278811.

Currently I have to forward messages to other email clients in order to save attachments, very annoying.
Please help

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This is - of course - not true in general. My stock mail app stores every attachment I try and wherever I want. So it must e a specific problem on your device.

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