/e/ app store "Apps" on phone without /e/?

Hello, my question is, can I install the app store of /e/ (“Apps”) on other phones with stock Android? Or does “Apps” require /e/ on the phone?


i cannot try as i don’t have any device running stock

but for sure, you can install F-droid and Aurora store

Hi, thanks, I know, but I am interested in “Apps” for some reasons.

so try to install it

Where can I get the apk?

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Thanks very much. We still have an older phone without G-account. For this device /e/ is not available, but we will enjoy using the /e/ app store.

not sure this apk will works

even if Apps UI, privacy note and filtering feature are great,
actually, F-droid and aurora black-list feature with their large catalogue make more sense for me


however you can find the /e/ BlissLauncher in F-droid

Ok, I will try it when there is time in the next days. To be more detailed: It’s the phone of my father, and he want’s the Covid pass app. This app is offered in the e-app store, that’s great. I installed it from there on my own phone. I think the e store is easier to handle than Aurora, the tracker check is great. And there are some things in Aurora I do not like. BTW I have already looked for the desired app in there but could not find it (?!?). So far usually install all my/our apps from f-droid or “Apps”.

try to simply open it,

but you may have to paste it in the “/system/app/Apps” folder that you have to create.
you need TWRP or a rooted file manager to do that.

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Possibly because it is geo-restricted (i.e. only available in a particular country or area - quite likely for a COVID pass app). This post describes how to make geo-restricted apps available. If your phone is in the correct country, then you don’t need to do the geo-spoofing part or use a VPM: just enable Settings > Networking > Insecure anonymous session


Ok, I was looking for an easy way to get the app and some unique privacy features for the future. Now it seems even easier to me to get the app from another source like apkpure or so. Thanks again.

I have my google-free phone in for repair and am interested in installing the /e/ appstore on a temporary phone I’m using from Huawei. Can I still use this link, or is there something more current?



Not sure that the unsigned build will works…

Is there a signed build available somehow? Sorry if this is a silly question, I have an extremely limited understanding of how smartphone software distribution works…

I cannot understand the your interest to install the /e/apps store.
All Open Sources apps are coming from F-droid where you can find them.
The mainstream apps are coming from Gogol Play Store via an intermediate, and you can find more of them directly from the Gogol Play Store using Aurora client.

The /e/ native forked apps are not foundable on /e/apps store nor F-droid, but only installed with /e/OS. (only BlissLauncher is available on both store)

have you tried to install some of the unsigned .APK (=non updatable) from the /e/gitlab link i posted above ?

On a Huawei phone, better try Aurora and F-Droid.

Note : https://auroraoss.com seems facing some trouble right now, if you have Telegram you can join their group and download from here. Never download from third-party !