/e/ app store for all users

@ the /e/ team: hereby a suggestion, although I appreciate that it might be challenging, to make the /e/ app store also available to other Android users. I think this would:

  • help spread the message about /e/
  • it also fits well with the goals of /e/, to provide mainstream Android users with tools to improve their privacy. Changing OS might be a big leap for some, this could be a good small in-between step, to convince people of how cool /e/ is :slight_smile:

The ‘other’ users coukd also use cleanapk.org. The apps from eStore are coming direct from there. In prinzip it’s a cleanapk client like aurora for goolag store


How, if not via the /e/ Apps installer? Using which other frontend?

There’s https://info.cleanapk.org/ with references to their APIs, but e.g. https://cleanapk.org/ or https://www.cleanapk.org prompt for a username and password.

Could be a good test how confident /e/ are that this Cleanapk workaround to get Play Store Apps would hold with more and more people having a closer look at it :slight_smile: .

Yes, create a account and everything is fine. For direct access to goolag store you are also needing an account, or not ?

Again, how? This is not mentioned on the info page.

You are right. I have just wrote then abd asked how/where I can register an account