/e/ appstore updates not working on GS290 (stuck on 0%) (RESOLVED)

Hi all !

I hope I added this issue into the right category :stuck_out_tongue:
So, me and my GF are using /e/ os on our two GS290 phones since last summer and everything has been working fine so far :slight_smile: (I did the setup via the windows easy installer).
Mine is still working great at the moment, but the one my GF uses is not able to make the updates on the /e/ appstore, basically when we tap on update all or update on each app, it is stuck to 0 (even if we wait a long period of time).
We tried several internet networks, restarting the phone several times etc (all the basic things).
I think the issue began to appear when we updated our phones to the last /e/ version.
Again, these are the same phones and mine is still updating well. If any of you have an idea on this I would really appriciate it :slight_smile:
Please let me know if you need more information!

Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi !

Isn’t her phone storage full of girls things ? :wink:

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Hi smu44,

Storage 39% fulled.
I checked all the basics without success.

Do only updates not work anymore or can you also not install something new? My question is to find out if the repository can be reached or not.

Note: Apps had also a lot of problems to update apps installed by other app stores. (Has this been solved now reliably?)

Hi irrlicht,

Good point indeed, she can successfully install new apps from the appstore.
Also I forgot to mention that she has Aurora store installed on the phone as well and we only try to update the apps installed with the appstore and not aurora (I have it on mine as well without issue).

Then I would try to clear all the data from Apps in memory and cache (Settings > Apps & Notifications > All Apps > Apps > Memory & Cache) and then reboot, so that Apps is indeed started new.

Thanks for this recommendation. I did clear cache + memory of an app as an example, I also cleared the appstore cache itself just in case and then rebooted the phone but still the same issue (stuck at 0%) :confused:

Actually I think we had an issue with the black listing of some apps on Aurora so I might have updated some of them on Aurora instead of Apss which maybe messed up the updater… I will dig into that. Thanks for the recommendations :slight_smile:

UPDATE : I don’t know why but I updated the apps on Aurora and now the /e/ appstore is working again…
Issue resolved :slight_smile: Thanks for your help !

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