/e/ at MWC2019 Barcelona

The MWC or Mobile World Congress is a 4-day global event where all parts of the Mobile industry come together to showcase their latest innovations: Telco carriers, smartphone brands, app developers, and many others, all under “one” roof. We couldn’t miss it!

We had the opportunity to attend more than 15 high-level meetings, including one with Brendan Eich, creator of JavaScript, co-Founder of Mozilla and currently Founder and CEO of the Brave web-browser.

We even showcased a /e/ smartphone to Tim Höttges , and of course he liked it a lot! Ah, yes, Tim Höttges is the CEO of Deutsche Telekom

Gaël & Alexis at the fair entrance

One smartphone running /e/ at our booth.

Sam talking to a visitor at our booth.

Tim Höttges, Deutsche Telekom’s CEO, testing a smartphone running /e/.

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