/e/ at Oktoberfest 2019

Fantastic experience at Oktoberfest on day #2, during which the parade (9000 participants) arrives on the place. A very unique blend of Bavarian tradition and friendship from all over the world.

See below how a “lebkuchen heart” specially made for /e/ got invited to the party. Huge thanks to all friendly participants, with special kudo to the policeman :slight_smile:


Amazing !!!

Did they get the point about the project and the privacy matter ?

Actually yes. The slogan “my data is MY data” resonates quite well to most people, and data privacy quickly gets consensus being a good cause.


Was für ein Schmarrn :man_facepalming:🤦

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Thanks for spreading the message in such a simple and effective way and thanks for the brilliant photos. It is YOU our dedicated users who are the strength behind this organization. You may have an excellent technical team, great leaders but without true user support nothing will survive. Thanks for all your encouragement and support.


From my site of view, it makes no sence to publish this os name before there is a final, searchable name.

Now a lot if people will search the web for /e/ and will be sad, because they find nothing.

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