/e/ Battery life experience on GS290

Hi everyone, when I bought my GS290 in May and installed v0.16 on it, the battery ran from 100% to about 10% in 2 1/2 d with browsing and gaming. I installed v0.18 last Friday. Since then I have to charge my phone like every 1-2 d, e.g. I charged it around yesterday this time and I’m alreay down to 51%. Anyone else been seeing this with new version?

Hi, I didn’t noticed a big difference with the new version, but this will be checked correctly with the next full charge…
Until now I just noticed a general slowness of the system after the upgrade from 0.17 to 0.18, and you?

Quite the different. My phone got slower the longer I ran 0.16. After installing 0.18 it’s way quicker. Well my battery is now down to 15%.

46h from the last full charge and still 84% remaining.
So 2 full days, not a big difference between 0.17 and 0.18 on my gs290…
Still exellent for now! :muscle:

How? :smiley: Are there any hidden options?

No i’ve bought gs290 with /e/ pre install.
What I notice is that there’s not background network connections, so less battery drain.

The only option that I know is to use less the smartphone :laughing:
Anyway 7 days and still near half battery left…

This would be never possible on a classic android phone… and it let me think how many connections/data android is sending away without any (valable) reason… :thinking:

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