/e/ beta software problem


I have a problem whyt the easy installer.
If a conect my fairphone and going to all the steps than the software find my phone and than it start downlaodeing but a few sec latter it sais donwloading faild try later again.

I have rty that but the same message coms again.

Do i sommting wrong?

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I want Android back on my Fairphone.
But it don’t works.

I get the next message.

Can not fine the file partition.txt. fastboot unrecognised option.
set active-a.rebooting

What do I wrong. I have update all driver’s and other things.
Or must I what for the update from easy installing?

I hope you while help my

Greeting jbdv

If the installer only proceeded to the point where it cannot download the actual /e/ OS files, nothing much has changed on your phone, so the stock Android by Fairphone is still there, i.e. no need to reinstall it.

At that point, the only change is that the bootloader was unlocked (which should give you a warning when turning on the phone) which also wipes the data.
In that case you only need to re-lock the bootloader and the phone should just boot up normally and present you with the first time setup wizard.

But to confirm my assumption: can you try to boot your phone just as if nothing had happened? It should come up after a warning where you need to confirm to continue (or just wait a few second).

Since you created this topic for an issue with the Easy Installer, which installs /e/, please confirm:

You want to install Fairphone OS now, and you are following https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/articles/360048050332-Manually-install-Fairphone-OS-on-FP3-FP3- for this?

Also, please copy error messages along with the commands you entered directly from the terminal/ command line, or post a screenshot of the terminal/ command line window, so we can see what exactly is happening.

This is what is happening

I hope you can help my

I have also a updated from my computer and I have the newest update from the Fairphone /e/017.

Meby that is a point?

Or make I my sels a little bit greacy by cose the one moment I think yes /e/I safe and good and than I think or should be better whit Google🤔

but Google tracking my and my privacy is important for me.:blush:

Sorry sir that I borrowed you whit my doubts

I hope you will help me :pray:

Your comments are too much difficult to understand for me.
Please write in your natural language,or use deepl translator,

Mother tongue or an online translator would be better, yes, but we got by somehow so far, just take it as a puzzle challenge to keep your brain fit :wink: .