/e/ Browser - Bromite add other search engine


i prefer to use the search engine “Startpage”.

I cannot choose it in /e/ Browser.

In Firefox i can add my own search engine, would be nice if you could add the feature too.



Try here :grinning:

Thank you, xander2m,

i opened https://add.startpage.com, i get to the chrome web store, but i do not see the button “Add to Chrome”.

I sometimes use chromium at my notebook under LinuxMint.
There is the button and i could add the extension.

Usually it is very simple on Chromium based browsers. Goto Startpage.com, search for something. When the results are displayed, open the settings for search engines in the browser and the search engine (in this case Startpage) should show up in the list of selectable search engines under “other”.

Thank you, spktkpk,

Usually it is very simple on Chromium based browsers. …

this seems to be an unusual case - it does not work.

Well, the developer added and removed startpage:



added StartPage search engine


removed Startpage


How do I add Startpage as a default search engine to my browser?

There is a Link:

for mobile browser options please click here

For Chromium is described how to to set an icon on the home screen.

Thank you smu44,


It did not work for me.

But remenber, the category of the forum is “Request a Feature”

There where some issues with startpage.com and privacy…or maybe not…see, https://blog.privacytools.io/relisting-startpage/

You’re right, i have tried it now in Bromite (i use Firefox) myself, it indeed does not work. There is no such problem with metager.org / metager.de and other search engines.

Oh, thank you,

i did not recognize that Startpage was sold.

I found help in startpages support page:

You change startpages HTTP-mode to " GET", then search something and then it appears in bromites list of choosable search engines.

Worked for me.