/e/browser ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED error after update

Hello. Since the last 2 upgrade including the last which bring me on /e/os 2, /e/ browser does not work, giving the « ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED » message. I lost all my bookmarks too. I had to switch to Firefox. No other app has connection problem.

Is it possible to reinstall /e/ browser ?

I’m running /e/os on a Fairphone 3.

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do you edit dns settings either in the browser or at the system settings? vpn apps?

No, everything was working fine before the update. I hadn’t had to chanqe anything.

you see this on all webpages opened through the /e/browser ? - I’d guess it is specific to sites on a adblock list. Can you reproduce it with a current Cromite release (the upstream where /e/browser is forked from) ?

The browser can’t load any page. It can’t even display the search page.