/e/ Browser ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED ...?

Hi everyone,

I just installed /e/OS 1.2020240223382228-dev-xz2c on a Sony Xperia XZ2C and the /e/ Browser can’t connect to the internet (so the App Lounge, and the Murena Services can’t either … )

it shows an ERR_NAME_NOT_RESOLVED message.

It uses to run LineageOS 19.
When I intalled /e/, it seems to have kept F-Droid installed, and

  • F-Droid can access internet
  • The Duckduckgo Browser, installed through F-Droid, can too !!

I think I’ve tried everything, and I can’t get it to work.
Clearing the cache, changing DNS both in /e/ Settings, and in the Browser itself, changing wifi accesses and so on…

Did I miss something ?
Should I report it as a bug somewhere ?

PS : I have another one with a fresh install too, but not currently with me, and from memory, I did install some apps through the App Lounge :-/. I’ll try and compare as soon as possible.

Did you “Format the device” as included in the install instructions? … https://doc.e.foundation/devices/xz2c/install

I think I did, yes, and I did step about the two slots a/b.
Still, I wonder … The two users I created on LineageOS where present too.

Maybe I should retry.

So …

I’ve installed everything again, and everything’s good now !

BUT, I changed step 2 and 3. So I did

  1. Sideload the recovery file and and boot in Recovery
  2. Format the Device Factory Reset
  3. Ensuring all firmware partitions are consistent
  4. Intalling /e/OS

This way, I ensured that anything remaining from a past installation were wiped ON BOTH partitions.

Works like a charm now, my son is happy :smiley: